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Sisan Hupao 1934

An Ethereal Haven with a Restful Atmosphere for Guests to Bask in the Natural Environment in Hangzhou, China.

Brief introduction

A vicar, in 1934, of a Catholic Church in Hangzhou made a purchase of a tract of land, adjacent to Hupao Spring, onto which a villa was about to be constructed; the villa thereafter was accredited as a historic building. The bygone 82 years seem to have resulted in the erasure of its prior history and wiped out its recognition from the people?s memory, dilapidated and uninhabitable. This villa, having undergone thoroughgoing repairs and refurbishment for a four-year span from 2016 to 2020, made a comeback to the high visibility in the marketplace, and was christened ‘Sisan Hupao 1934’ (Hereinafter referred as ?Sisan?). Xie Ke, the chief designer, resumed the vividness and liveliness to the villa, which was previously used as the villa for the military attaché of US embassy and a temporary site for Xinhua bank.
One of the prevailing methods, presumably, to renovate such a historic building is supposed to make it perfectly preserved for maximum effect, whereas Xie took an alternative solution: he made every endeavour to retain a decent amount of history visible to this project, moreover, upon his close observation, he managed to distill the essence of history and impart it to a modern hotel through the design.
Wang Chi, the lead architect in this project, leans more towards express...
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