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RB Apartment by Maya Sheinberger

This four bedroom apartment was redesigned by Maya Sheinberger and renovated for a young couple, a graphic designer and a programmer, as they were expecting their first baby, who was born during the project. They decided to leave the heart and center of Tel Aviv, along with their cat and two dogs, in favor of one of the quieter northern neighborhoods of the city. Before the renovation, the apartment was extremely old fashioned and the interior needed to be adjusted to the lifestyle of the young family, which requested an easy-going and warm atmosphere and a modern space filled with air and light. Photography by Itay Benit.


The public space can be fully experienced immediately upon entry to the apartment. The front door is located at the edge of the public space and in front of a large window facing the urban landscape. The entire space was covered in fishbone oak hardwood floors and a large custom made shelving unit was installed on the wall facing the public areas. It is made out of black iron and incorporates extremely thin shelves for the display of various accessories, in addition to a designated space for the TV screen. Black track lights were installed alongside it and in front of it stands a grey sectional sofa. An existing bench built along the window was covered in MDF boards, which were painted to create a concrete-like finish. An elegant pendant concrete lighting fixture hangs from above and emphasizes its texture....
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