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Bohn House by Dick Clark + Associates

Bohn House by Dick Clark + Associates. This iconic Austin residence was first built in 1938 as a modern, art deco home that emulated a 1930s ocean-liner, with aluminum railings, porthole windows, a solarium with a curved glass wall, and a circular mahogany door that could be raised and lowered at the touch of a button. Photography by Paul Bardagjy and Jake Holt.

After purchasing the home in 2013, the new owners selected DC+A to make major updates to the home. The architects added a new two-story addition to the house, nearly doubling the square footage. What is most impressive about this renovation is the mastery of the architecture team in preserving the character of the home throughout these changes. The seamlessness is truly exceptional, and this is evident in that it is incredibly difficult to differentiate the old from the new in the finished project.
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