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Simple Sew: Serape Stockings

I had this idea to make stockings out of a serape blanket last year, but I never finished the project. I discovered the one I bought in my closet and finished the project this year.
I wrote about woven serape textiles two years ago, inspired by a trip to Mexico. Serape blankets are available in a wide variety of colors from vivid hues to tone-on-tone. These blankets have a long history, they are handwoven with a fringe edge. I thought they?d make some really cool looking stockings, so I sewed this pair.

I ordered this 4×6? mexican blanket in emerald online and used it to create my stockings. (That source offers serape blankets in over a dozen colors.) You can make four stockings with one blanket, I?ve only made two so far. I made a homemade template by taping together four 8½x11? pieces of paper, sketching and cutting the paper in the shape of a stocking.
Fold the blanket in half and use the template to cut the fabric in a boot shape.

Pin the fringe edge, and fold the fabric inside out so the fringe faces itself.

Sew the two pieces inside out with the sewing machine, keeping the pattern lined up. This textile is easy to work with, and stronger if you go around and sew seams twice instead of once.

Flip the fabric inside out to reveal the stocking with blanket fringe trim.
Use the serape fabric to make a hanging loop or ribbon. I used yarn and also added a yarn tassel to each.

I followed this 2 minute tutorial on how to make a yarn tassel. So eas...
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