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Open House Checklist

I was having coffee with Matt today and he was telling me about his work. He?s a real estate broker and appraiser with 30 years experience in the business, and has been working 10 hour days trying to keep up with his jobs and clients. An idea came to me?. I should pick his brain for all the things to check off when listing a home for sale and hosting an open house.
So he came up with this list off the top of his head and I typed up a handy checklist for you or anyone who is planning on selling your home anytime soon.
This list doesn?t include upgrades like remodeling kitchens and baths, fresh paint or new flooring. Those are all wonderful things that add value, this list is for homes that are being sold as-is. Lightly furnished or staged homes are ideal for an open house with minimal personal items on display.
Open House Checklist
Create welcoming entry (flowers/plants on porch)
Make sure doorbell works, also exterior lighting
Clean driveways (remove cars and oil stains)
Clear side yards of junk or clutter
Repair visible damage (cracks, broken shutters, etc.)
Clean exterior side of windows
Refresh landscaping: trim bushes, mow lawn, clear debris, add fresh bark
Lockup or remove valuables
Clear clutter, minimize personal items
Empty dishwasher and kitchen sink
Clear and clean all kitchen countertops
Wipe down kitchen appliances
Clean bathrooms, all surfaces
Clean interior windows and mirrors
Mop/sweep/vacuum floors
Clean out garage (...
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