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10 Art Arrangements for Your Staircase Wall Space

The wall space above and below your staircase is a perfect space for an art or photography arrangement. If you?ve been thinking about switching things up, or you?re just getting started, take a peek at these ten different arrangements of art and/or photography to inspire an original display in your home.
Asymmetrical Arrangement, Art Print + Photography Medley
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Art Prints in Pencil Frames with Varied Finishes

wildflower home
Colorful Paintings on Canvas & Framed Art Prints

 mandarina studio
Vintage Paintings in Traditional Frames

i spy diy
Staggered Black + White Prints in Extra Large Mats
the everygirl
Black + White Grid Arrangement with Family Photographs

amy peters
Black + White Family Photos in Asymmetrical Arrangement

pretty smitten
Sophisticated Art Prints Framed in All Black

robert brown design
Black + White Photos on Ledge with Diagonal Arrangement up Stairs

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Black Accent Wall with Art Prints in Grid Format

taryn whiteaker
Beautiful right" Which arrangement is your favorite" You might also like these articles from the archives: clustered art displays and different ways to display black and white art.  :)

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